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Should you use WordPress?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst it depends on what your requirements are, for most business websites it’s a great solution. It’s a fantastic CMS for many reasons and doesn’t seem to be slowing down whatsoever. Being the most popular, it has the most plugins, support and updates. It also has the best chance of staying relevant in the constantly changing web environment.

Do you use WordPress?

Yes, all the time. We build WordPress themes from scratch to make sure we know what everything is doing and so we can create exactly what the client wants. We do use some plugins but we try to keep it to a minimum to avoid the usual problems that come with packing a site full of plugin cr*p.

Can you fix my WordPress site?

WordPress is an enormously popular CMS – the market leader – and it’s set up with many great features right out of the box. But because it’s so popular, there are bazillions of developers building themes and plugins. There are also bazillions of developers who build themes and plugins, that don’t update them anymore, or have left them fallow after security issues have appeared or PHP versions have changed. And there’s also hacking! So between update conflicts and hacking, there are many ways in which a WP site could explode.

Yes but can you fix it?

Sorry…right. Yes in most cases there is a simple solution, or at least a place to start. Call us! 085-7686677

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“amazing service from Double Marvellous. couldn’t ask for better support to my website.”

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“Very professional and with minimum interference to the business operations. I would encourage anyone starting their website from scratch or improving their website to consider Double Marvellous”

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“Needed someone to do a web design in Cork and got recommended Double Marvellous by a friend. Barry was very creative and knows his stuff. Was very happy with my logo and website.”

June 11th Read Review

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